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      Beijiao Bijiang Gangyi Furniture Co.,Ltd was set up in 1983 and is specializing in producing Gangyi rosewood furniture. Our products are exported to Taiwan,Malaysia,Singapore etc.With more than 10 years experiences, we are able to make rosewood furniture of differet styles and varieties.To meet the demand of market, we set up Gangxin Furniture Factory to an area of 4000 square meters with more than 500 employees in 1995.

Gangyi rosewood furniture is mainly of Ming style on the bases of " Study on Ming Furniture" compiled by Wang shirang. We make bold creation to design rosewood hotel furniture of both ancient style and fasionable westen style.

The motto of our company is to" do better when already good, win with high quality" . We offer a complete set of after sale service including following up, maintenance, furnishing and renewal etc to ensure our customers to use our furniture with an easy heart. We have professional computer design department to offer measure and design service to your door.We mainly make high-grade furniture of rosewood and other rare wood material. We invest large sums of money to improve equipments in wood treatment. We install a steam stove as high as 100.c to steam the wood many times so that it can be stablized.With modern timber work equipment and tranditional fine workmanship, we produce furniture of different styles. We check every piece of our articles many times to make them perfect.

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